Hi, my name is Heidi Howard.  I am so glad that you stopped by to get to know me!

I am often asked how I named my business.  I should go back to about 1999 or 2000.  My mother had all of her grandchildren’s pictures taken by a well know photographer by the name of Rod Evans.  Max was about 4 and Anne was about 2.  The black & white images of them that hung in our home were soulful.  I could read volumes in their eyes and expressions.  I wanted to be able to do that for other people.  So, my husband bought me my first DSLR in 2005.  It was a Canon 10D and I have since switched to Nikon going from a D700 to my current camera which is a D750.  I have a big variety of lenses but my current favorites are my Sigma 35 1.4 and my Nikon 80-200 2.8. Using my children as my inspiration, I created Maehill Studios.  Max, Anne, Ethan.  I am a self taught photographer, spending hours reading, practicing and doing workshops.  I believe that anyone can pick up a camera and take some decent pictures, but to know how to manipulate the camera, light and editing to do what I want it to do, is altogether another story.

Here are some things that you might like to know.  I am a wife to an amazing man, a mother to 3 great kids, and work for a local real estate appraiser.  We bought 85 acres in the fall of 2006 and we love the country life.  This is where many of my photo sessions take place, but I also have a few secret urban locations and utilize my gracious neighbors’ properties too.  Don’t be afraid to recommend one of your favorite sites as there are tons of gems out there.  My favorite time of year to take pictures on my farm is late summer into fall.  We have acres and acres of wildflowers and the fall color and vistas out here are truly stunning.

What am I like?  Well, instead of me coming up with a description of myself, I employed a few friends to do that for me.  Here are some of the things that they came up with:  Creative, Caring, Fun, Good Listener, Loyal, Honest, Trustworthy, Generous, Hard-working, Willing, & Awesome.  I love my friends and find them to have every one of these qualities as well!!

Here is what I love:

My husband | my kids | my family | my friends | to dance, although my kids leave the room with their eyes covered when they see me | to sing (can’t hit a note to save my life) | I love to watch all 3 of my kids play hockey | I love to laugh | I love that I can keep a secret | to drive fast | Modern family | Little house on the prairie | and I love craft beer.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you create memories to treasure forever.  Give me a call to set up a session!