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When I saw our topic for this month was family, I thought I could take pictures of my own family; we haven’t had our family pictures done since….Um…well, I think my youngest was a newborn.  We’ve had the obligatory church directory pictures done, and a snapshot here and there of us for special occasions like confirmations, first communions.  You know the kind.

I am actually dying to have our pictures taken professionally.  We have a few big walls in our living room that are screaming for big big pictures of us.  I have a few people in mind that I would love to take our pictures, its just a matter of setting it up.  But, like most people, something always comes up, someone always has a zit, someones hair is looking weird, and of course, I need to lose 10 pounds.  These are my excuses, but they are also everyone else’s too.

I also thought about taking pictures of my family doing things around the house, you know, lifestyle snapshots of our life.  I think my kids are pretty sick of me and my camera because if I pull it out, they run.  or give me dirty looks.  Or yell at me.  Yes, my kids have outgrown the cutesy pictures of bathtimes, naptimes, playtimes.  Now its just tv times, phone times, and homework times.  Not that interesting.

So I was left to include pictures of families that are not my own.  Families that did make the decision this year to take the leap and have their families captured in a moment of time.  families that created memories because they weren’t afraid of who had braces this year, or who needed a haircut.  I have had the honor of photographing a number of families this year. And it is here, where I want to share with you, how I view families.

The Klehrs

(this is a surprise session so please don’t tell the parents you saw this here)



The franks



The Hoese Familymaehillstudios_coldspringmn_photographer_familyblogpost3

The Walz Family


I had the privilege of shooting my first lifestyle newborn session. Introducing,

The Jacobson Family


I also was given the opportunity to shoot my first Birth story sessions…ever!  This was an amazing experience and Loved. Every. Minute.

The Shoup Family



The Zimmer Family


Thanks goes out to every family for giving me the blessing of capturing your special moments.  You have given me bountiful experiences, your treasured moments, and hope that someday…. I will have my own family pictures done.  Someday.

Please follow the circle around, beginning with my friend Nadeen.  

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  • Karthika - This is so lovely! – I love the family pictures – Your clients are so fortunate for having such an amazing photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Heidi! I love your family shots 🙂 They are so full of life and love…now go get some pictures done girl!!!ReplyCancel

  • stefanie - love your interpretation. you’re so right in how easy it is to push off those family photos, but they’re always worth it!ReplyCancel

  • Nadeen - What beautiful images of all these families! I’d be so proud to hang a Maehill Studios portrait on my wall! Too bad we are about 1200 miles from one another! I feel your pain about not getting everyone together for a family portrait!ReplyCancel

  • Sara - Heidi, you do such great work with families!ReplyCancel

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