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For almost as many years as I can remember since my husband and I have been together, it has been a tradition in his family that we have colored Easter eggs.  Even before any of us had kids.  We haven’t always spent the holiday with his family, but within a few weekends of Easter, we would usually try to get together, and sure enough, the egg dying kit would come out.

The memories of kids coloring eggs, writing messages on them, fighting over the cups of dye, all bring back a yearning of wanting to keep your kids young forever.  My husband is like that.  A kid forever in his heart.  He will likely be dying Easter eggs until he is 90.  That’s what I love about him, is that he will always be there to keep me young; keep me from getting stagnant.  I love him.

This year, he and I were shopping at Target a couple days before Easter and he practically ran to the Easter aisle looking for the dyes.  His eyes instantly landed on a dying kit called “Molten Lava”.  You should have seen the excitement in his eyes!  He was giddy at the thought of, well, I don’t really know what, but whenever a kid hears molten lava, you have to expect great things.  Right??

Little did we know that this was no ordinary dying kit.  He really should have read the packaging a little deeper than the big huge “Molten Lava” to see that the molten lava, was actually shaved crayons.  And, we had to do the shaving.  It really was a long process just to get eggs ready to dye.  Well, for all those who have dyed eggs in the past, you know that you boil the eggs and let them cool.  Not for this kit!!  You have to place the shavings on the eggs while they’re HOT!  So, back onto the burner the eggs went to heat them up again.

So after all is said and done, our crayon shavings went onto the hot eggs, melted around the eggs and created what I have to admit, are some of the prettiest eggs we have ever “dyed” because this really wasn’t dying, but rather, waxing!

We hope you all had a great Easter weekend!!


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