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This months photo challenge is Shallow depth of field (DOF).  To those of you reading this post who don’t have a clue what that is, think of it as this:  taking a tiny sliver, or plane of your photo and making that the focal point.  Everything else in your image starts to blur from points behind or in front of that plane.  This magic happens when you use your lens wide open, or a small “f” number.  The smaller the better when it come to shallow DOF.  Some lenses come with a varying aperture, meaning it has a range from 4-5.6 or some come with a fixed aperture, say, 2.8 while others still come with an aperture as low as 1.2.

Here are some examples of images with shallow DOF.

This image was shot at f2.8

This image was shot at f2.8


This images was shot at f2.5


This images was shot at f2.0


And this image which shows the plane of focus very clearly, was shot at 2.0

So if you know how to use your camera in manual, which I suggest you learn how to do, for it will change your photographic world, open up that lens and start shooting some shallow depth of field.  Its a way to draw your viewers eye to the most important part of your image.

Please follow the circle around to see how the other talented photographers challenged themselves with Shallow Depth of Field.  Carleen is up next!

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  • Deirdre - Amazing! Eyelashes are one of my favorite subjects for SDOF, but this is our last week of baseball so I’m hoping to imitate your last two shots. Thanks for the inspiration!ReplyCancel

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