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Back in the fall, I was awarded the contract to take the individual and team pictures for the River Lakes Hockey Association.  Now, believe me when I tell you this was one of the scariest projects I have ever taken on as far as photography.  There are over 200 skaters, 15 teams and plenty of buddy pictures to go around.  I’ve been a part of this association for 13 years and have the same team picture set up for all three of my kids for a total of over 30 teams over those 13 years.  I wanted to be able to provide something different, and this is what I believe won over the board of directors in my favor.

I preplanned like I’ve never done before!  I had all the team rosters, my husband was my front table secretary checking people in and verifying orders, I used image numbers next to names to keep track of who was who. We shot over two nights and NEVER went over schedule!  In the whole process, I only had one child that the number was wrong for.

I carefully went through all the paperwork, edited pictures, put the orders in and can say I only had about 10-12 orders that I missed something or had wrong.  Pretty good for my first time doing this type of job!!  I have only heard nice things from people in the association, for example, keeping things on such a great schedule, the product being great quality, the originality of the pictures.  I am so pleased at how this job went.

I will say that there are things I can learn from.  For example, even though I was pretty organized to begin with, I could be more so.  The nature of the team pictures being composites, took me longer than expected.  I may do something different to make this faster or try a new template.

I also offered a poster with motivational sayings.  These were a BIG hit.  Around 40 people ordered these.

If your team is in need of sports pictures, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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