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A few weeks ago as I was trying to come out of my slump I got out my macro lens and took some pictures, just to play around a bit.

Our circle this month is focusing on Shallow Depth of Field.

This is where the focus plane is very minute.  A very small part of the image is actually in focus.  It puts the emphasis on a certain part of the image, for instance, in the case of the coins I photographed, the rigid edge.  You can use this to showcase a number of things, details of a piece of jewelry, The point of a pencil, a persons eyes, or anything really.

If you are shooting your camera on manual mode, you can achieve this shallow depth of field by using a wide open aperture.  The aperture is the hole through which light travels to hit your sensor.  The lower the number the more wide open the hole is.  Most of these shots were shot at 2.8 with my macro lens, which is the lowest number this specialty lens goes to.  But you can achieve the same effect using lenses with apertures of 1.2, 1.4, or 1.8 as well.  One of my favorite lenses is my 85 1.8 which provides a gorgeous Shallow Depth of Field.

Maehill_studios_BlogCircle1maehill_studios_blogcircle6maehill_studios_blogcircle2maehill_studios_blogcircle3maehill_studios_blogcircle4Please follow the circle around to see how my friend, DC Birth Photographer Stefanie Harrington views Shallow Depth of Field.

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  • stefanie - Awesome examples and gorgeous work!! You need to put those pencil images on a card and sell them. I’m mildly obsessed.ReplyCancel

    • HLHowarD1970 - You are much too funny stefanie!! thanks for making my day!!ReplyCancel

  • Nadeen - Love seeing your work!ReplyCancel

  • Camille - Hi Heidi! Great examples and good explanation of depth of field,ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Your pix never disappoint! I love your focus on the rough edges…very cool!ReplyCancel