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our circle is looking at leading lines this month.  leading lines are used to draw your eye to something in the picture.  Here are a few examples of mine.

This image, the curve of the road, the progression of riders, leads your eye right into the center of the image.  it disappears, but you are still left with the beauty of the view after your eye hits the end.  Its about seeing what’s at the end of the curve that keeps you looking through it.


the previous image has a brighter spot in the bottom right, so your eye gravitates there first.  If there isn’t something that draws your eye right away, most viewers start in the left and move right.  This next image, when starting in the top left corner, leads your eye downward until you finally see a waterfall.


In this picture, the leading line of the bench draws your eye right to this player.


And my final image, the lines of the road, bring your eye right to my subject.


Thanks for stopping by and check out Carol and her leading lines

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  • Nadeen - Love them all, Heidi!ReplyCancel

  • stefanie - ok, i can’t pick a favorite! the motorcycle one is super cool and moody – were you riding that day?ReplyCancel

    • HLHowarD1970 - This was taken a couple weeks ago when we were in Sturgis, SD for the motorcycle rally. I was on the back of the bike taking pictures the whole time we were on our trip!ReplyCancel